r&r diary – “We are doing the good work, Jimmy” – Davey J. 10.20.22

Our long-time collaborator, Third-Eye, friend, mentor and artistic dynamo, Davey J. would always tell me: “We’re doing the good work, Jimmy.” He was talking about the creative journey he, Carla and I were on together. Often we were working on theatrical productions in a funky gallery space; a crazy-cool, wonderland where we pursued our fever-dream, mad-hatter, visions together. Our band sort of morphed from that experience. Davey J. has passed on, but Carla and I continue the work. It’s the only thing we really know how to do. So many hours spent in a rehearsal room. Working on new songs, trying to capture the magic, holding lightening in the palms of our hands. We now do this work with a fabulous group of inspiring musicians in WWSP. Yes, it’s the good work. I can still hear Davey J.’s voice in my head. His spirit lives on. No doubt. “The thing to do is to do the thing.” Yes. – Jammer

photo by Carla

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