r&r diary – “YippieFest 2022, We Were There…” – 08.21.22

WWSP @ YippieFest 2022 photo by Parallelicopter

YippieFest day one, August 19, 2022. Back from a virtual death, back in the analog world. Yes. We were there. Magnificent theatre space. A totally unique, never-before lineup for our set. Michael on double-bass, Tim on electric bass, Carla vocals & percussion, Randy on percussion and harmonica, James on acoustic guitar & vocals. A super-subterranean vibe. An evocative mini-symphony of low tones. Carla said it all felt like swimming in a beautiful, dark ocean of sound. The Shape and Sound of Sweet, Darkling, Water! – Jammer

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  1. Such an inviting feel of a venue. It’s bound to build for next year. You guys really know how to dial in loving vibration and are so direct about that in every way— your fellow humans need it so much and I for one, thank you so much!

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