r&r diary – “The Ornery Gremlins Took the Night Off…” -07.21.22

How did our Evanston SPACE show go last night?! It was pretty much exquisite. No hitches, no fuckups, no ornery gremlins. Great audience, superb sound, warm and welcoming music room. Be sure to check out all the photos below…- Jammer

WWSP Stage Setup @ SPACE
Jammer’s Hohner Acoustic Guitars
Chuck’s Gibson Black Slab with Boutique Amp
Randy’s Percussion
A Fabulous Audience

My smart-flip makes everything look a bit blurry. Not a bad way to see the world. This is Specific Gravity (Shawn Decker & Alex Inglizian), conjuring a mesmerizing vibe. Two mad-scientist sound artists. Amazing, immersive set. So good…

Specific Gravity – 2 Mad-Scientist Sound Artists at Work
Specific Gravity thru the Looking Glass

Post-soundcheck, Pre-show chill in the alley back of Evanston SPACE 07.20,22. Photo by Chuck Wasserburg. Chatting about guitars, Dylan, and band dynamics. Sipping a Ginseng Rush from Sea Ranch (Evanston)! Last thought before show: “Don’t fuck up, Jammer!”

Jammer – Chilling
Jammer & Happy
Nura & Carla – Backstage

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