r&r diary – “Saving Souls One Note at a Time…” – 05.31.22

The Telepaths @ Savemore Lounge 05.28.22 – Photo by Carla Hayden

Not many folks know that two bands emerged from the 2005 Black Forest play, “Free Henry Goodbar, Telepath.” It’s true, both WWSP and The Telepaths were little seedlings hurled from the maw of that mother of a mind-bending, fevered, shiny beast play. The bands share a couple members, as well as the same creative spark, and the DIY spirit of just fucking showing up and laying it all on the line, always. Damn the torpedos.

Both bands were on the bill last Saturday at the SaveMore Lounge a “spiffy new dive bar” that turned out to be less spiffy and more dive. Yikes! Carla took this photo. It really does capture the religious devotion and the weird, ballsy mystery of the r&r thing.

Carla writes: Jammer kneeling to the rock gods, humbly honoring his Tele, making some telepathic magic!

Jammer writes: The Telepaths at Savemore, with Telecaster & vocalist Pat McDonald… honoring the gods of garage.

BTW – what a fabulous photo. Pretty iconic. Sort of captures the magic, and the mystical soul of the work we all love to do. – Jammer


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