r&r diary – “Dream, Imagine, Visualize…” 11.21.21

They say “dream big,” “imagine a new reality,” “make no small plans.” That last phrase was one of my father’s favorites. So, yes, the future is uncertain, but we can imagine a new picture, a new frame, conjure up a new dream.

We are working towards our first show of 2022 at Evanston Space. A fabulous music room. We have played there once before, but that night we shared a bill with another local favorite band Ex Maquina! This time it will be WWSP, with a few special guests.

We are spreading our wings a bit. Seeing how high we can fly. We hope you will consider joining us for the journey.

Tickets on sale now:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/whitewolfsonicprincess-tickets-198604269717 Be sure to snag a table or seat. We imagine it will be a magnificent evening. – Jammer

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