r&r diary – “Venturing Back into the World …” 11.09.21

All the pandemic shite changed everything for everyone. True, yes, indeed. We went into lockdown and isolation, unplugged, masked up and hoped for better days. We put rehearsing with our band on hold, cancelled r&r shows, laid-low, you know just like everyone else.

Slowly, we have ventured back into the world. Rehearsing with our band at our studio, working up new songs we wrote during lockdown, and brushing up on some of our old standby tunes.

This Saturday we finally get to play indoors at Jarvis Square Pottery a fabulous music room and community meeting-place. We have had some truly extraordinary shows there. This time we share the bill with the always morphing, mind-expanding Gunnelpumpers.

We are all vaxxed and masked. Hope you all will be too. Back to what we love to do. The Lovely Carla tells me “gentle” is the new byword. Gently we go into that good, dark night. – Jammer

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