r&r diary – “Optimism is a Choice” – 07.05.21

Alabama Shakes

Still, even in the face of all that, (see previous post), optimism is a choice. Maybe it’s an inherited trait too? I don’t know. To think, to hope, to dream. To live in the moment with as much attention, enthusiasm, heart and soul as you can possibly conjure up. It is an act of will. It takes a bit of gumption, discipline, determination. We all need some luck and pluck. See the light all around us. It is there. Lean into it.

The A.M Soundtrack – Alabama Shakes’ “Boys & Girls”  (2012). The Gospel According to Brittany. A total blast of fire, thunder, unbridled joy, & enthusiasm. A monster statement of creative purpose. What is the message? Hold on, Hang Loose, You Ain’t Alone.  It is a head spinner, a heart-warmer. Some fabulous grooves, a band giving their all, fronted by Brittany Howard’s overwhelmingly powerful voice and guitar. Yes. Highly recommended. Sets the tone for the day. What is the setting? Soulful & Optimistic!Jammer

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