r&r diary – “Aiming High…” – 06.13.21

Record Store Day 2021 on the sidewalk in front of Vintage Vinyl. One of our favorite gigs. It has become a recurring event for us. Raw. On the Street. Exposed. Alive. Aware. Awake. Top billing in the window this time! Blazing hot… it was like playing Coachella… at least temp-wise!

The Lovely Carla Hayden and I dream about playing the big stage at Coachella one day. As someone remarked, when we verbalized that dream yesterday: “It’s good to aim high.” Yes, indeed.

Anyway, yesterday wasn’t that day. Instead, it was a performance on the sidewalk in front of Vintage Vinyl. About mid-point thru, it did feel like the California Desert; sweat dripping, heat-waves rising off the pavement. It was a good show. No. More than good. Magnificent! The intense heat actually helped us get to “transcendence.” With Nura A violin and Randy Farr on percussion; Carla and I rode those vibes for all they were worth. WWSP lives!

Afterwards, we were drenched in sweat, super-tired, and totally clear. It’s funny how energy works. You rise to the occasion, you give your all, you lay it all on the line, you live totally in each and every moment of a performance, and you totally lose yourself, and everything, absolutely everything falls away. And you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt.

That is what it’s about. Yes, there’s the music, the group dynamic, the vibe of the band, but those are just elements that go into the rocket fuel that propels us to a perfect, diamond-hard, clarity. Sort of like the greatest meditation you’ve ever had.

It’s a sounds a bit trippy, or hippie-dippy, but it’s not really. It’s the good work. Anyone can do it. There are uncountable ways to get there: drumming, dancing, running, meditation, art, poetry, music, pretty much any flow activity you can throw yourself into. It’s best when you drop the ego, and lose your self-consciousness. Basically, you find something you really love to do, and do it to the absolute max. And you do it often, as often as you possibly can. It is satisfying, & life-affirming, and super-important, for sure. For WWSP it helps to create and play with superb musicians, who also happen to be beautiful human beings. It’s better living thru creative chemistry and the alchemy of positive energy. You can’t bottle it. – Jammer

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