r&r diary – “Supremely Extraordinary…” 05.09.21

Star Nebula

I play guitar but I don’t really consider myself a “musician.” I have often been paid to play, but I don’t consider myself a “professional.” I write songs, but I don’t really consider myself a “songwriter.” I sing but, really, come on, I’m not much of a “singer.” I write, but not a “writer.” I read and write poems, but not really a “poet.”

So what am I doing? Creating. Conjuring. Trying to create a bit of magic. Do you believe in magic?

A couple of nights ago, we were finally in a room with other musicians, getting back to being a band, playing music together. It’s hard to talk about, hard to describe how amazing it is to create vibrations together, how healing that is, how important it is to our lives, how fulfilling it is to share that experience with others.

It’s a little bubble, a sort of dream-state. A shared dream. We create and conjure. We listen to each other. We are playing songs together, but it’s not really about the songs, the songs are just a vehicle, a platform, a launching pad, to get to something else.

It’s not an ego thing. It’s a drop your ego thing. You get in the room together and are trying to “transcend,” to get to another state. To create a vibration that is bigger than any one individual. A collective energy. Our band is amazing. Fabulous musicians, they all listen, they take care to find their place in the spectrum of sound, no one is over-bearing, or trying too hard. Everyone just brings it.

So it’s amazing how quickly we can transform the vibe of the room. It’s emotional, it’s spiritual, it’s transcendental. Kind of trippy, hippy-dippy, really, and that’s ok. It’s what we do. What we love to do. We have really, totally, madly missed it. But now, we are back at it.

We do think it’s important. So important, so essential. Certainly for us, those who are doing it, it is one of the essential reasons to be alive on the planet. And hopefully we can create a dream-bubble of possibility for others too. Who knows? Sometimes it flies, sometimes it doesn’t, but when it does it is supremely extraordinary. – Jammer

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