r&r diary – “Stand up for Your Rights, Come On!” 10.27.20

“Preacher man, don’t tell me, Heaven is under the earth, I know you don’t know, What life is really worth, It’s not all that glitters is gold, Alf the story has never been told, So now you see the light, eh Stand up for your rights, come on”Bob Marley

“The Future is Unwritten.”Joe Strummer

7 days away from the most consequential election in our lifetimes. For sure…

Yes. We are doing our best to conjure up a New Day, and Reclaim a New American Dream. “Stand up for Your Rights.” VOTE. Remember Election Day is Nov. 3rd. Dare we say it? Let’s elect Joe & Kamala. The alternative is too gruesome and retrograde to contemplate. – Jammer

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