r&r diary – “Life = Strange Math.” -10.28.19


This last Saturday we performed at Jarvis Square Pottery, one of our absolute favorite places to perform, no doubt. It was an evening of cold temps, “Biblical,” Noah-style-rain and warnings of flash floods. The nasty weather slimmed the turnout for the show.

Past shows at the storefront have either been perfectly-stuffed with enthusiastic folks, or in one remarkable case (our CD release show), wildly-over stuffed. This time only the essential folks braved the elements. Anyone who really, really wanted to be there, was there.

Life. It’s a strange sort of math. Turns out Biblical Rains + Thinner Crowd = Magical Show! No knee or elbow knocking. Just an amazing collection of folks open to the moment. Coming in from the rain, the first thought stepping inside the storefront was Dylan’s line: “Come in she said, I’ll give you, shelter from the storm.” 

There were many beautiful moments. Liam Heneghan reading his fairy tale, “Ronan & Liadain, The Otter: A Fairy Tale,” Carla Hayden reading Federico Garcia Lorca, Shamanic Practitioner Joan Levergood leading an Invocation to the Spirit of Music, Victor Sanders playing ethereal, magical, other-worldly guitar, and a Shaman-inspired, totally-improvised, drum circle comprised of a rag-tag mix of musicians and audience members; powerful, inspiring, transcendent.

Oh yeah, and our band played a full set too. We worked in some new songs, and Carla semi-rapped Edgar Allan Poe – “All that we see or seem, is but a dream, within a dream.”

It was all so beautiful. Post-show comments on the night: “magical,” “brave,” “wonderful,” “a masterpiece,” “thrilling,” and “one the best spiritual experiences I’ve ever had.”

Not bad. Conjuring vibes, a worthy endeavor. I mean, rain or shine, it’s the good work.


paul bick b&w Oct 26 show Jarivs

Photo by Paul Bick

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