r&r diary – “Great Scene. Great Vibe.” – 06.29.19

studio mangiameli flamenco

We played in “train station alley” last night as part of The Main-Dempster Mile Summer Concert Series. We’ve gone from playing on the sidewalk to the alley. What’s next? Coachella? One can dream. Steamy, cloudy day. No rain. That was the big concern all day, “wonder if it’s gonna rain?” It didn’t. The show went on without a hitch.

Great set by Kacie Swierk, and a stirring display of Flamenco dancing from the wonderful ladies from Studio Mangiameli, then our set. Our band was fired up, playing for a beautiful crowd of folks, so many neighborhood friends, lots of kids, and all kinds of little furry critters too.

It was a good one. That little alley was sort of transformed, trains rattling overhead didn’t matter, the long, narrow alley concentrated the sound waves. Someone said to me: “Great scene. Great vibe.” When it comes down to it, that’s the thing, right?

We tried to do our part. Don’t really know how you conjure a scene, or a vibe, but that is what seems to happen when things go right. Things went right. Amazing scene. Amazing vibe. How does that happen?! – Jammer

Photo by Marina




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