r&r diary – “WWSP Groove Machine!” 05.20.19


This breathtakingly gorgeous photo was taken by Katje Lilith Sabin  during our set at our show “WWSP & Friends” on Saturday May 18 at Jarvis Square Pottery. A fabulous night of music, with Victor Sanders & Lauren Nelson, The Herbal Remedies and whitewolfsonicprincess. The entertainment was to be found both on-stage as well as off-stage. What an incredibly cool scene at a great little storefront space.

It turns out that a handful of our songs have organically morphed into a set of grooves that inspires some folks to get up and dance. It’s been a recent phenomenon, started happening early in 2018 or late in 2017. Can’t exactly pinpoint the moment.  Instant, spontaneous dance party! Totally unexpected, absolutely gratifying. We attribute this surprising development to our extraordinary rhythm section consisting of Steve Rutstein on drums, Ian Ogden on bass and Randy Farr on percussion. When they kick it into high-gear, the room moves!

Who knew? WWSP Groove Machine! – Jammer

Photo by Katje Lilith Sabin 

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