r&r diary – “The Boot has Arrived! – 11.30.18

alternate boot 5

It is hard to put into words, the happiness, the excitement, the relief; our latest album, “The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1&2” is complete, and boxes of cds were delivered to our door this afternoon. A long time coming for sure. A double-cd set. 14 songs. 61 minutes of music. We’ve lost count of the endless hours spent writing, rehearsing, recording, mixing (and mixing, and mixing again) & mastering these tracks.  An incredible group of musicians helped us bring these songs to life. And an amazing group of friends and fans donated to our Indiegogo campaign to help complete the project. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey. Can’t wait for folks to hear what we’ve created. Fire up your sound systems, get your headphones ready. The Boot has arrived! – Jammer

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