r&r diary – Light & Shadow! – 09.12.18


We have performed in some extraordinary places: A 100 year old church, a sidewalk, a park, a black-box theater, an attic, a kitchen, High Street in Edinburgh, Scotland. Every time we play, we give it our all. There really is no other way.

This last weekend we performed as a trio at the Milwaukee Art Museum. An extraordinarily beautiful building designed by Santiago Calatrava. Breathtaking.

It was a perfect day. Blue skies, sparkling lake, sunshine pouring down. It all came off perfectly; the ride up, the setting up, the performance, the post-show takedown, the post-show meal, and the ride back.


We were totally in tune with the day.

What an amazing, inspiring building, what a incredible experience. The event was all light and sunshine and the improbable expansion of human consciousness and creation. We filled this extraordinary space with our uncommon sound. Vibrations. Yes. It was validating. A good one for sure. – Jammer

Photos by Carla Hayden & Joan Levergood


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