r&r diary – “Don’t Miss the Silences!” – April 17, 2016

Shadow CD Package Design

We are decidedly not swimming against the stream. You can easily purchase a digital download, or live-stream, our new  album via iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play. But there are some great reasons to order the physical, tangible thing. You can purchase a Limited Edition Compact Disc on Bandcamp, or visit our favorite coffeehouse, Brother’s K Coffeehouse in Evanston, Illinois and secure your very own copy. There are excellent  reasons to purchase a Compact Disc!

Top Five Reasons You Need a Compact Disc of “The Shadow of the Marigold!”

5. At $8.00 per Compact Disc it’s a bargain!

4. The packaging is, as many fans have told us, “Gorgeous!”

3. Includes a 12 page booklet with cool photos, song lyrics and production info.

2. Glass Mastered CD sounds great – at home or in the car!

1. Thanks to the legendary Ray Kennedy @ Zen Masters, you experience the “silence between the songs.” The flow from track to track – don’t miss the silences!



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