r&r diary – “Radio Play!” – 02.20.16

radioRadio play. Turns out it’s not that easy to come by. We have been lucky to connect with an amazing musical dynamo, Lord Litter, a DJ and musician based in Berlin dedicated to “quality music.” He hosts a couple of cool “underground” shows in Europe and the States. Last night, he played our song “Curse on You,” from our forthcoming album, “The Shadow of the Marigold,” on his show, broadcast from Bodega Bay, CA,  “Lord Litter’s Magic Music Box.”

It was so cool to hear our song slotted after Spanky and the Gang, and before Cary Grace. And what did the Lord have to say about our music? “Extremely relaxed, folky, psychedelic scapes, that invite you to float along…”  Well said Lord! – Jammer

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the archive of the Magic Music Box show hosted by Lord Litter, featuring our song “Curse on You!” First Spanky and then us!


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