r&r diary – “The Third Time is the Charm” – 07.13.15

Lovely Carla at Bucktown Garden Walk!

We played a set at the Bucktown Tree and Garden Walk yesterday afternoon. Storm clouds threatened all weekend, but it was all blue skies. It was the third year in a row we’ve played this little festival and it was the best and most rewarding so far. Thanks to CAUDOG Records and Club Lucky!

Lots of people came out to walk the neighborhood, and to check out local gardens. Lots of folks came out to enjoy the great food at Club Lucky. Lots of folks came out to listen to music too. Seems it takes a little time to seep into the consciousness, and it helps if you have great weather. This little gem of a event has found it’s place.

Our band was ready for it. We were very well-rehearsed. A big sound. It was the first show with Ian Ogden on bass, and Chuck Wasserburg brought 2 electric guitars – the Danelectro and the Gibson (he calls it the slab!), and Randy Farr was on percussion, Steve Rutstein played his brand new Gretsch drum kit for the first time – gorgeous!

The Lovely Carla was still experiencing “vertigo,” a pretty heavy case of dizziness, but she was able to hold it all together by force of will and charisma. A very satisfying show. The band really brought it. Lots of praise from many quarters afterwards. Strangers came up to tell us they loved our set. New fans. So yes, blue skies, great food, excellent sound, tight set, new fans – what more can you ask for? – Jammer

Photo by Eric Dinse

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