r&r diary – It’s Only R&R But We Love It! – 08.24.14

UnknownWorking on Rolling Stones songs for our upcoming show at the Open Door Rep on 09.06.14. We are on a bill with the Hannah Frank Group. They will open with a set of Dylan songs, then it’s us doing the Stones. We know a few already: Paint it Black, Sister Morphine, Dead Flowers, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Shine a Light.  We are trying some others on for size, working them out on acoustic guitar in the kitchen: As Tears Go By, Wild Horses, Under My Thumb, Jumping Jack Flash, Beast of Burden.  Can’t wait to try these out with the band at the next rehearsal.

These are all such great guitar songs. There’s an effortless logic to the riffs and chord changes. The Stones totally absorbed American music: Blues, Country, R&R. Their catalog of songs is impressive and overwhelming.  We want to pick songs we think we can make our own. As Tim Obrien, our bass player said, we don’t so much “cover” songs, as “interpret” them. These songs are so good, they can stand up to interpretation. It’s only r&r, but of course, we love it! – Jammer

photo by Dominic Tarle


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