r&r diary – Add 3 Gunnelpumpers and Shake, Vigorously – 05.05.14

jammer & carla @ jerrysWhat do you get when you add 3 Gunnelpumpers to the whitewolfsonicprincess core line-up (Carla, Tim & Jammer)? I know it sounds like a set-up to a joke. But no joke, our Saturday night set at Jerry’s featured 3 Gunnelpumpers (Doug Johnson on Clevinger bass, Randy Farr on percussion and Steve Rutstein on drums). Someone remarked that it all sounded a little bit like “Desire-era Dylan,” which to my ears translates to Rolling Thunder Revue. Which is music to my ears. If we are even anywhere close to that raucous, rolling circus of a band, we are on the right track for sure! – Jammer

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