r&r diary – Wild Old Dog – 11.05.13

Picture 2A few weeks a go the phrase “we are the natural world” came to mind and it’s been circling, round and round inside since, provoking me. Should I be doing something different? Is it possible to be more of who I am? How can I be a better person? How can I be more grateful, more giving? How can I be love, have love, feel love for all that’s good, and have limitless forgiveness for all of the other?

For me, the creative process is grace, a place where you can have moments of transcendence. A sacred space where you are making something that is much, much more than you, especially when working with other artists in rehearsal. Then well… you just gotta live your life. You spend a lot of in-between time hoping to get back to the vibration of grace.

The world has been looking a little dark lately. Yes, I still have hope but at times my eyes fail to see through the veil of harshness. Then the voice, we are the natural world… we are the natural world. When it starts to rain, the darkness begins to clear away.

The work of other artists can carry you through too. Jammer and I recently bought Patty Griffin’s new release, “American Kid,” it’s stunning. I am a fan of her work for sure. She has an extraordinary way with narration, and you can really get in. On much of the CD she is working with Cody and Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi All Stars. It’s a lovely collaboration; the lyrics and music complete each other. They create beautifully illuminated vignettes woven together by the passage of time. A poetic tale about the life of a man, a family, a story about America. – Carla

Wild Old Dog – Patty Griffin

God is a wild old dog
Someone left out on the highway
I seen him running by me
He don’t belong to no-one now

They dropped him out on 93.
Mange was setting in on his hips and on his knees
Between the highways running north and south
They pulled on over and put him out

Willie said he was old and going blind
Momma told me how she didn’t mind
When Willie kicked him with his shoe
He just climbed on in just like he knew

God is a wild old dog
Someone left out on the highway
I seen him running by me
He don’t belong to no-one now

It’s lonely on the highway
Sometimes a heart can turn to dust
Get whittled down to nothing

Broken down and crushed
In the bones of wild old dogs, Wild old dogs

They dropped him out on 93
Tall grass was waving there just like the sea
He tore off running like we set him free
Just disappeared right in front of me

God is a wild old dog
Someone left out on the highway
I seen him running by me
He don’t belong to no-one now
He don’t belong to no-one now


    1. Thx Carla, what an amazing post! “We are the Natural World!!!”…and Nature is God’s General Revelation…Showing something of his perfection…To Live it to Believe and the tress do agree…! Artists and Prophets and losses and profits…The world rejected the grace and got punched in the face and loved darkness..more than a wild old dog…and a beached log…and a whale named Ted…?

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