r&r diary – “Man of the Town.” – 07.14.13

live@ garden walkWe played to a handful of folks yesterday at the Bucktown Garden Walk. It was an early afternoon “spirit” slot. It was our first time out in public with Randy Farr from the Gunnelpumpers sitting in on percussion. We brought a solid, focused energy to the big outdoor stage. There was “space” between instruments, a big sound, with room to breathe, and the songs held up quite nicely. Carla was in fine voice, and the mix was good. A first-class event. I had a few mis-cues: broke a string, misplaced my capo, so I had to change guitars, and when I sang “Sadness in the World,” in a lower key, I sort of sounded like Tom Waits singing through a sponge.  Still, we felt really good about our performance. Afterwards a guy came up to me and said that my guitar-playing made me “man of the town!” I’ll take it!  – Jammer

photo by Karen O’Brien

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