r&r diary – U2’s Music of the Soul – 01.22.13


What to say about U2? They are a band that has had it all. Over and over. They still make really, really great music. Carla turned me onto “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb,” (2004) a year or so after it was released. One of her friends gave her a copy, and told her she’d enjoy it because it’s a “spiritual” album. Turned out I was the one who really got hooked on the record. I play it all the time, year after year.

It’s “soul music;” music that reveals, and feeds, the soul. Bono called it U2’s “rock” record, and it does rock; Edge’s guitars are up-front and dimensional, and Bono does some fine singing. “One Step Closer” gets me every time. But the whole album is inspiring. Love this band. Bono is a live wire, eyes wide open, always questioning. And Edge’s guitar is a force-field of exhilarating energy. The bass/drum foundation laid down by Adam & Larry is just sonic bliss.

This band won’t be on a VH1’s Behind the Music any time soon. These guys are just too well put together.  They are  an amazing band of brothers, dedicated to the good work. It seems they don’t play by any rules but their own. Yes, well, U2, what really can you say? “A heart that hurts is a heart that beats, do you hear the drummer slowing? One step closer to knowing…” – Jammer

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