r&r diary – Power to the People 2012 Edition! – 9.10.12

Yes, it’s always time to choose. If you are for peace, someone is for war. If you want to “save the planet,” others want to drill, and cut, and burn. John Lennon & Yoko Ono showed us how to mix art and politics. Lennon was the biggest pop star in the world, and he fell in love with Yoko, and together they became very high-profile conceptual artists, and promoters of peace. A perfect example of how to mix art and politics. And yes, once John was dead and buried, then everyone wanted to make him a saint. But he was no saint. He was a man, a charismatic, talented and committed artist; a “heart on his sleeve” kind of guy. Whatever he was doing, being in a band, or being a “house-husband,” he was always fully committed. “Power to the People” was probably a better slogan than a pop single, but John’s heart was in the right place. Today we all need to choose sides too. There is no middle ground. We can choose to live with love and heart, we can choose a progressive politics where we value science and the planet, and human rights, and women’s rights, and gay rights, and immigrant rights, and a social safety net… or not.  But we must choose, and if we don’t, that’s a choice too. So yes, we choose to wear our politics on our sleeves too. Obama/Biden 2012!– Jammer

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