r&r diary – “Go to” Albums – 6.22.12

We asked the band for their “go to” albums; music they continually gravitate to for deep inspiration. Carla likes to draw a hot bath, crank the boom-box, and chill to John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps,” Chet Baker’s “Let’s Get Lost,” and two early discs from Van Morrison: “Astral Weeks,” and “Veedon Fleece.” Rich’s wide-ranging picks include the Brazilian singer Maria Rita’s first two albums, Clifford Brown & Max Roach’s “In Concert – L.A. 1954”, plus Erik Satie, Jascha Heifetz, Joan Baez, and The Beatles. Tim likes to put on his headphones and jam along with the Jack Bruce-driven, British-blues-based, psychedelia of Cream (“Disreali Gears,” & “Wheels of Fire”), and also “Clapton and Winwood Live.”  James is stuck on those late 60’s, early 70’s, Jimmy Miller-produced, Rolling Stones records, especially, “Exile on Main Street,” and Neil Young’s loose and dark-edged, “Tonight’s the Night.” He also zones out to the “Donnie Darko Soundtrack.”  “Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?” – Jammer

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