r&r diary – Panther Burns – 4.20.12

This is where we will occasionally post about all things rock and roll. For instance this morning, we are listening to Tav Falco’s Panther Burns’ Behind the Magnolia Curtain! Alex Chilton is sometimes on guitar and sometimes on drums. There is just something exhilarating about people playing rock and roll beyond their competence and with total abandon! Legend has it that the recording session was fueled by a bucket of fried chicken and a bottle of Jack Daniels. Burn baby, burn! – Jammer


  1. I am loving the new cd… ‘Inner Light’, ‘Shadow Boxing’, ‘Black Black Wings’ and ‘Sad-Eyed Prophet’ – wow! It’s awesome, beautiful, and healing. Congratulations to you, and thank you for sharing your inner light. Keep on rocking!

  2. Love the yellow going on in the pic. Hey, I listen to the album nearly continuously and am always finding new inspiration.

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