uncommon 4.25A lot of love.  There was a lot of love in the room last night at our Uncommon Ground show. We shared a bill with the powerful, natural force of sound that is Nicholas Barron, and it seemed that all the cosmic forces somehow converged for an extraordinary evening. It was the kind of show where we should have put the audience on stage. There were actors, writers, directors, clairvoyants, painters, poets, film critics, singers, musicians, teachers, and a few amazing “regular citizens” in attendance. There’s nothing better than performing for an inspiring, engaged, audience. What a lively crowd, what a rollicking good time! A great music room, excellent sound, superb food and drink. One of our best outings for sure. Randy Farr from the Gunnelpumpers joined us on percussion for this one, and he provided such a natural groove to our songs, there was an ease, and space between the instruments that just felt so right. We were tight, focused and alive. Nothing better! – Jammer

wwsp @uncommon ground 7.15.13jpgA quiet, hot, muggy Monday night at Uncommon Ground, a nice music room, all wood and brick. Some really great old friends came out to see us. People with whom we have a real affinity. Felt like a homecoming. Opening for us was David Bon and his trio. David is just the most riveting and inspiring performer. His rich baritone voice can knock down walls, and the trio was tight: two acoustic guitars, a bass. They channeled the spirit of Elvis, Neil Diamond, Waylon Jennings and Cypress Hill. They made some classic songs their own. They do songs you’d think maybe can’t be done, and they do them, and they work, no, they completely bowl you over! We followed with our set. We were tight, sharp, connected, we could all really hear each other. Our band is in a great zone at the moment. Under the hot lights, I almost spontaneously combusted, smoke was coming out of my eyes! Afterwards it was all smiles and kind words. There is nothing better than playing for your musical peers and for people you respect and love. People who really listen. I must say, that’s what it’s all about! – Jammer


photo by David Bon