t-shirt hall of fameLegend tells us that the Ramones sold more t-shirts than records. Try it now, go out around town and count how many people, all ages and sizes, are wearing a Ramones t-shirt! It’s a little t-shirted army. Iconic! Ironic!

Anyway our band is in the t-shirt business too. We have a t-shirt promotion rolling out into the universe. Come on. Join us. It’s easy.

1. Purchase a whitewolfsonicprincess t-shirt on Bandcamp!
2. Take a “selfie” wearing your new t-shirt!
3. Email your photo to jamesblackforest@gmail.com
4. We will Tweet, Post and Add you to our “t-shirt hall of fame!


Picture 5Recently finished reading  David Byrne’s book, “How Music Works.” An inspiring, informative and thoroughly enjoyable read. I learned something on just about every page. Loved Byrne’s description of how CBGB’s became a “scene,” and was reminded of my own rock and roll education. Growing up I “inherited” and embraced The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Bob Dylan, but I “discovered” and embraced The Ramones, Talking Heads, Television and the Patti Smith Group.  Not a bad musical foundation! “Hey ho, let’s go!” – Jammer