richard-thompson-electric-reviewYes, often it’s a matter of opening your eyes and your ears. Inspiration is all around us. Awhile back we discovered Richard Thompson’s record “Electric.” It really is masterful. It grows on you with each listen. It showcases some of the best singing and guitar-playing of his long career, and that’s saying a lot. There is a real-world wisdom in these tracks. It is not a young man’s record. It’s got gravity, weight, substance. There’s humor and fire. It’s work that blazes. It feeds the soul. Inspires. And what of that great guitar tone? There’s a unique, quicksilver, mercury sound that Thompson conjures up with his guitar that jumps out at you. And it’s a rare, fine thing. – Jammer

Was this a touchstone record for us?  Yes, it was, for sure.  Richard and Linda Thompson – light and shadow. Yin/Yang energy throwing sparks. The Lovely Carla and I played the daylights out of our original vinyl copy back in the 80’s.  Some of that vibe has certainly seeped deep into our sonic DNA. Didn’t really think about it until someone mentioned it at the Ultra Lounge show. Nice reference. And yeah, no doubt, there’s a link there for sure. – Jammer