red tap show 01.02.15Show of shows. You kind of hope every show is gonna be the greatest show you’ve ever done. That’s how you want to go into it. And then, when it’s done, well, then hopefully, there’s another one. And then you’re pretty sure that that one is gonna be great, or greater, or well, whatever.

So yes, we finished up 2014 with an amazing Toys for Tots show at the Red Line Tap. It was an overpacked lineup of solo acts, standup comics and bands. We packed the bar too, with a pretty happy and raucous audience. It was lots of work, and lots of fun and well, I wish you could have been there.

And now it’s onto 2015. Yes, sounds like an improbable year. Is it really a hoax? Probably not. And our first show is Friday, January 2 at the Red Line Tap. We are the “headliners” which means our name is in a larger font than the other bands, and we go on last. Rock and roll! – Jammer

wwsp horse

We have a new band mascot: horse head by Carla Hayden, photo by Michael Doubava.  Seems appropriate. It feels like we are in a new phase of the band. Hard to pinpoint, but most likely it’s just that we’ve played a number shows together in a short span of time, and to my ears, we sound better than ever. We have added new songs to our ever-evolving set of music and we have a finely-honed core of songs from 10+1 that have really emerged anew in our “stripped down” guitar, drums, bass and percussion line-up.

Last night at the Red Line Tap was just head-opening.  Carla and I sang with such confidence, and the sound onstage was tight, intimate and powerful. We opened with “Killing Place,” and it really set the tone for an intense set. By the time we got to “Fallen” our band was a wild, barely-contained tornado of sound. Rich and Tim played as one wild-ass drums/bass r&r unit. It was totally exhilarating. Afterwards, my whole body was jangling with a fiery energy.

I think it was the best we’ve ever sounded live onstage. It’s what we’ve often glimpsed in some of our rehearsals, this balance of discipline and wild abandon, all resting on a foundation of  fairly tightly constructed songs. It’s hard to write about, hard to describe, and maybe it can’t really be described at all. It was an “experience” and it seemed like everything. – Jammer