patti-smith-snl-easter-1976-100“Gloria.” The Patti Smith version. The one that starts, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins… but not mine…” Powerful. Blasphemous. It was our closing song at last Saturday’s covers show, Sex, Drugs & R&R. The song was always tantalizing, but didn’t completely jell in rehearsals. Three simple chords. Visionary poetry/trashy garage rock. The band had doubts. Could we pull it off? Could we make it fly? Based on the post-show response, it’s fair to say, that the answer is “Yes,” we could make it fly. It all came together. Carla channeled the fiery outlaw poet spirit of Patti, and she rode the raucous energy of the band like a surfer riding a wild-ass wave. It was a peak experience. Satisfying. Exhilarating. No doubt! Rock and roll! – Jammer

“Jesus Died for somebody’s sins, but not mine…”  Visionary poetry married to punky-garage rock. Rock and roll embodied by a flinty, knife-sharp, Black Raven-like girl, declaiming a deeply subversive and ecstatic vision. The collaboration between Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye; the perfect r&r template. The Poet and The Guitar Slinger. All fever-dream, stream-of-consciousness, and spit. Sam Shepard (Tooth of Crime) and Bob Dylan (Blonde on Blonde) in their boots of Spanish leather, and their mirrored shades, looking over Patti’s shoulder with cracked, sideways, grins. Cowboy Mouth! – Jammer