open door 09.07.14Last night we trekked out to Oak Park for the Songwriters NOT from the Great American Songbook show.  Hannah Frank did a set of Bob Dylan songs and we did a set of Rolling Stones songs.  Turns out the Open Door Repertory is gem of a home for theater and music.  Acoustically perfect. A first-class setting – hardwood stage, oriental carpet – a great theater space for audience and performers alike.  A handful of folks got an earful of great songs.  We did our best with a pretty ambitious set of Stones songs.  It was challenging to take on “As Tears Go By” and “Wild Horses.” They are such beautiful, and delicate, numbers. We did our best to fill that space with our vintage, over-caffienated energy. It was one of those is the cup “half-full,” or “half-empty” experiences? I’ll go with “half-full!” – Jammer

photo by Linda Solotaire