wwsp @ the denToday we are releasing “Inner Light” as the first official single from our record 10+1. The single is being launched out into the international radio universe by Danie Cortese Entertainment. The full album is available as a limited-edition CD, or high-quality digital download, on bandcamp! We are so excited to be working with Danie and DCE. “Inner Light,” features just the four of us: Carla, Tim, Rich and I. The song is near and dear to our hearts. It’s a little message in a bottle. Wonder where it lands? What’s the sound of “one hand waving free?” – Jammer

“A voice said to me, ‘I am the one,’ was it a holy one, was it a demon… I follow an inner light…”


abbie fest - 2Friday Night’s Abbie Fest show at the Den. Broke the “D” string on “Inner Light.”  Those Elixirs should not be breaking so easily! Took the guitar in to Guitar Works for a little adjustment yesterday.  The guitar tech opened up the groove of the nut a bit, hopefully that does the trick! Still, broken strings may just be the price of exuberance and commitment! Sacrifice on the altar of Rock! – Jammer






photo by Karen O’Brien