We have been kicking around this idea of doing some Edgar Allan Poe poems as r&r songs. Maybe even do a whole album of material. I do think if EAP were alive today he’d be fronting a band like the Bad Seeds.

We took out “A Dream Within a Dream” for a ride awhile back. I forgot about it, just rediscovered this track yesterday. We recorded it a few months back on a little digital recorder at our rehearsal space. It’s raw & raucous. I think this is the 2nd time we played the song.

We totally swamp Carla’s vocal in the middle of the track, but you know, I do love the energy of this thing. It was quite fun to play. No apologies. That’s Carla on vocals, Jammer on guitar, Chuck Wasserburg on slide guitar, Doug Johnson on bass and Randy Farr on drums. Funky, funky EAP! – Jammer

“Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allen Poe.” – J. Lennon