denguefeverRecord Store Day. Our good friend Mr. Mo reminded us by leaving a voicemail, “Oh, you must be out galavanting with your gal. Just wanted to remind you that it’s Record Store Day.” Yes the Lovely Carla and I were out galavanting. We were at Joy Yee Noodles enjoying a feast of Chow Funn and Udon noodles.

Afterwards, we decided to hit 2nd Hand Tunes.  Why not? We were due for some new music, and we scored lots of cool discs: Mercury Rev’s “Deserter’s Songs,” – exquisite, Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk,” – yeah, why not?, Velvet Underground “Live 1969” – killer,  Low’s “Invisible Way,” – hushed, and Dengue Fever’s “Venus on Earth,” East vs. West Kulturkampf

We’ve spent the last few days immersed in cool sounds. Not one clunker. Dengue Fever might be our latest favorite band.  Most of the lyrics are sung in Cambodian. The music is Cambodian Pop meets California surfer cool, cut with a dash of  off-kilter psychedelia. Cool. Really, really, cool. East meets West. Major Chow Funn! – Jammer