buffalo_jumpOur show last weekend at Gallery Cabaret was a “rough outing.” Surprise! We thought we were primed for a great show; a friendly room, a nice bill of fellow bands, but it didn’t turn out that way. To coin a phrase from David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus, “Infinite Jest,” – “The Night Wore a Sombrero.”

I was the prime culprit, the shakiest of the shaky. My guitar-playing was ragged, hesitant and sloppy, and a toxic vibe of doubt seeped into the rest of the band. A “vibe” is a delicate thing. It can easily be flattened. We had come off a string of transcendent shows, but you don’t conjure transcendence out of thin air, or maybe you do, but that kind of transcendence cannot be delivered on demand.

Anyway, chalk it up to “lessons learned.” Take nothing for granted. Listen. Be attentive to every detail. Little mistakes can lead you over the cliff. We want every show to be the best show ever.  It’s a challenge and a goal. It’s the good work, for sure. And we all re-committed to the cause. This band will not be denied! – Jammer