Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 8.43.32 AMWe were lucky be on a bill with Christina Trulio and Nate Currin last night at Uncommon Ground. Everything clicked! Nick, Uncommon Ground’s sound-tech did a superb job, and the audience was attentive and supportive. It was just the perfect line-up, the perfect vibe. Christina and Nate are two very inspiring singer-songwriters. They are working in a great tradition steeped in well-constructed songs delivered with beauty, heart and soul. Christina was backed by a excellent band, Nate was all alone with his Gibson acoustic guitar.

We really felt part of a greater thing last night, welcomed by fellow musicians and by an enthusiastic audience that seemed to really listen. It’s a rare, good thing. Nate is in the midst of an on-going National tour, he’s living in a motor-home taking his music to towns all over the States. Pretty amazing. Nate is a great story-teller too, and he kept the audience engaged with his between song banter. The music from these two songwriters was just first-class.

We were the openers, continuing our never-ending Chicago tour, and we did our best in a stripped down mode, just guitar, percussion and vocals for us. It was a little bit intimidating to hear some of our songs in such a stark setting, but it all seemed to go over well, and the vocals really stood out, it was gratifying to hear afterwards that the lyrics really came across. We sold some CDs, made new friends. Got warms words of encouragement from some really cool people. Nothing better! – Jammer



2013_01_26_GalleryCabaretThe never-ending city tour continues. Our first whitewolfsonicprincess show for 2013 was at the Gallery Cabaret last night. A pretty amazing little club, funky and sort of “bohemian;” which is just about the perfect setting for our band. We were on a bill with Christina Trulio and The Gunnelpumpers. Lots of cool sounds.  It was a great mix of music. We were smack dab in the middle of the bill, book-ended by Christina’s gorgeous “cowboys and brazilian” songs and the Gunnelpumpers over-the-top, improvisational madness. When it was our turn, we played a tight set, my new Seagull acoustic guitar (Love that expert Canandian build quality!) sounded big and full, and our bass player’s new fret-less bass added a smooth shimmer to our songs. We were all inspired by the sound on stage. The Cabaret is a very lively room. When Douglas Johnson joined us on Clevinger bass, it pumped up the adrenaline level a notch or two. Carla’s vocals were soulful and resonant. Rich backed it all up on drums, adding an extra, big-time wallop on that little wooden stage. The crowd was friendly, attentive and very generous with lots of words of praise. Good vibes all around. An excellent start to the new year!  – Jammer

Postscript: The Desiccated Old Blackbird, talking about our show last night: “Jimmy, it was great seeing you without that fucking hat!”