r&r diary – “The Momentum of Things.” – 03.16.20

Living in the shadow of the coronavirus…

We cancelled our March 14 show. It was a hard, but necessary thing to do. Our band is so much about spreading positive vibes, we couldn’t risk it. Seemed to be a smart, safe idea. “Social-Distancing” in action.

We are laying low. Trying to stay safe. Listening to music, streaming Netflix. Our plan is to work up some new songs in this time of strangeness.

I am reading William Gibson’s “All Tomorrow Parties.” I came across this line thinking it was a message sent directly to me: “… You are less inclined now to move counter to the momentum of things.”

Right. Another way of saying, “Go with the flow.”

There was also this gem: “Don’t anticipate outcome… await the unfolding of events. Remain in the moment.”

Words of wisdom. We are keeping our BOSE music player in the kitchen supplied with plenty of those little silver discs (this is the golden age of CDs.) The Lovely Carla and I both love to play DJ.

The last few days it’s been: Billie Holiday (“Verve 12 Jazz Masters”), Chet Baker (“Let’s Get Lost”), Shy Ben Tzur/Jonny Greenwood/The Rajasthan Express (“Junun”), Wilco (“A Ghost is Born”), The Rolling Stones (“Aftermath”), Arcade Fire (“The Suburbs”), John Cale (“Eat/Kiss Music for the Films of Andy Warhol”), Green Day (“American Idiot”), Pink Floyd (“Animals” & “Wish You Were Here”), The National (“I Am Easy To Find”), Roger Waters (“Is This the Life We Really Want?”), Drive By Truckers (“American Band”), Sigur Ros (“Takk”), D’Angelo (“Black Messiah”), Peter Gabriel (“So”), Fleetwood Mac (“Tusk”), The Rolling Stones (“Sticky Fingers”).

Powerful, healing vibes. Medicine for our ears, our hearts, our heads, our souls. Keep safe. Wash your hands. Let’s all dream of better days. – Jammer

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